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John Walton from Germany

Monday, 08.03.10 18:18

Hello Joerg, I see that I am the first to comment on your products in English. First, let me say that if I had the money, I would not stop with 'just' one of your (LGS 0.5m DIY) IC cables. I am working towards using just your cables...

Maybe readers would care to know that I have roughly $7,500 already invested in cables. I have been sensitive to the sonic benefit (or NOT) of cables in HiFi for well over twenty-five years. I've been able to sell off some of my wires recently. Yours is not for sale.

To start, I replaced a 1m IC of international renowned for a factory-direct American one ($600) that cost roughly 1/3 of what that one did. The USA one simply made the 'music' scene more believable and kept the individual dynamics of the instruments and voices in better relation; the bass was 'blacker' as well.

Your DIY IC does this too as well if not even a tick 'better' than my old favorite. I think in 1:1 that there is more 'air' between the notes and even more 'sincerity' (palpable).

What should I say other than the obvious? Your IC cable is the best "wire" that I've used to date. Even though it is not inexpensive, it is a bargain compared to the exotic (and yes, even the most scientific) cables I know of. I keep mentioning your value to people. IMHO, were they to hear it, they would want it. You have a big "thumbs up!"



Jörg Erwin from Germany

Saturday, 13.06.09 01:57


know we have the English guest book.


Welcome !


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