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Customer Feedback

 "A friend suggested me to try the GERMAN HIGHEND ('GH' pure silver) loudspeaker cable - now hooked up to my Cabasse speakers. Since then it has been a new world of experience; Agneta Faeltskog tells me of her dreams, Madonna soothes my anxieties with worldly wisdoms while Linkin Park scream with such realism, as were they here. My old cable (MIT Terminator 2) just cannot compare. All across the board an absolutely recommended cable at unbeatable value."



"It is quite a paradox... Actually I was planning to purchase a new CD player. After the 'test' with the silver cable, new horizons opened! Thanks to the GH-Silver Cable I saved roughly Euro 8,000.-- planned for the CDP purchase. In the past in my system at home I have tested innumerable high end cables. Some were very costly indeed. The GH-Silver Cable was by far the best. Amazing space and detail while calm and easy-going. Despite the small guage there are incredible dynamics. Most surprising is the balanced sound at low and high volumes. Even at extremely loud levels there is not a trace of glare. Amazing was also the enormous improvement in middle- and high frequencies within just three days of play towards burn-in. "Made in Germany" is still worth something. A very hearty congratulations and thanks to the design team at GERMAN HIGHEND."





"After so many 'test' listening-sessions to determine specific and major sonic improvements, even my girlfriend meanwhile got used to using the phrase, "as had a curtain (stereo window) opened"... As I inserted this [GERMAN HIGHEND] cable I was amazed at how thick the curtain in front of my speakers still was!!! In every aspect [it, purchasing this cable,] is a sensible investment - from the bottom of the bass to the top of the treble, from stereo imaging and three-dimensionality, micro- and macro-dynamics, easy-listening to its speed,... everything got better! I never thought this much positive effect possible!

And another thing, you do not need stellar state-of-the-art gear to profit from these cables - I categorize my system as entry-level high end ...and when you have this cable, you will not soon (ever?) need a new one."



 "The highs arrive quite precise and clearly detailed. The mids are very clear and palpable. The bass is very dry and right down to the lowest scales tight without a semblance of flabbiness. Altogether very three-dimensional and extremely quick-footed with never a loss in dynamics. Time and time again one astonishes at the volume (dynamics) in soft and loud passages. Listening to singers singing without dynamic loss is fabulous. Unfortunately this brings with it a negative bi-product that one plays so loud that the neighbors complain. But even at very low volume so much detail is presented that listening still makes for a lot of enjoyment."



"Comparatively describing music in numbers is difficult. Let me say this much: in the highs the imagined increase in information is 30% - fantastic! The imaging also improved. The volume (dynamics) 'fits,' and the bass -may I write this- is somewhat darker. But say, how does it sound when it is fully burnt-in?!"



"It is amazing how this loudspeaker reacts to the smallest changes. The bridges, if you want to get the best out of the system are vitally important. After only ten hours of break-in and twice return to the 'old' coaxial bridges it was clear: here is a major accomplishment. The resolution might have gained some but easily discernible is the increased 'air' around the instruments and improved homogeneous performance. Sometimes one imagines to actually hear inside the instruments. Depending upon the recording, palatability pure."

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