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GERMAN HIGHEND Silver Cables - Design by physical basics


Ohm’s Law is not all you need to know...


Our primary goal: neutrality !

Only incorporating elementary electrical value parameters such as induction,
resistance and capacitance in designing analogue audio cables
is just too simple.

That would mirror the results of much audio cable construction
of the past decades and further producing inferior results.
The audio signal transfer, accounting for multiple simultaneous
wave lengths, respectively varying amperes and voltages,
is quite complex. Maintaining proper order in the time
element is especially important too.

Undesirable givens such as, mechanical modulation,
electrostatic and electromagnetic induction, piezoelectricity,
eddy current loss, real-time differences and phase shifts,
transient distortions, electrical reflections, miscellaneous
stray effects, conductance, induction, capacitance, etc.,
make constructing a neutral-sounding audio cable
quite a challenging task.

This is  because numerous design details need specific
attention and it is yet possible to fully satisfy all facets
perfectly, not only but partially anyway, because some
stand in direct conflict with another. During the realization
of the GERMAN HIGHEND cable pertinent sonic design
parameters came into play substantiated by innumerable
bench tests and time-consuming listening sessions in
various high-end systems, to find that more than twenty
years’ know-how and a good portion of luck showed that:
Comprehensive tests of different cable designs led to
the logical conclusion.

Externer LinkPhysics is the master !


GERMAN HIGHEND distributes only products conceived
and made with basic laws of physics in mind that offer
uncompromising quality for the most demanding customer.


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