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No obligation to purchase if not 100% satisfied!


People ask us why our products are not reviewed in the magazines.
The answer is simple, because we do not want you to pay for it.

 Unfortunately too often there is a relation as to how well a product tests and reviewed and how much frequency and volume the advertising budget is. Those who regularly browse through the magazines or Internet sites notice the relationship that those manufacturers and distributors placing ads mainly get, even with truly questionable products, remarkable reviews. A review only portrays the opinion of the reviewer, that is his or her personal interest. In addition, especially with cable testing, only the performance of the chain of components in their given room-specific acoustics, subject to the music auditioned and lastly, the preferences of the reviewer is presented. (This of course relies upon the test reviewer being unbiased, fair and competent which we think is is not always the case)

Marketing is expensive and unfortunately not for free. Advertising can only be offset by adding these costs to the price of the product without improving its value.


This is exactly not our intention!


It is our opinion that happy customers are the best advertising and that cable performance can only be judged in the existing music playback system.

Just trust your own ears!

Inside of Germany (for other destinations, please contact us), we offer you our cable product[s] for a two-week listening test. Your expense is just the return postage.


If you are interested send us a mail with your thoughts and wishes.

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