Silberkabel, Produktion
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Silver Cable Manufacturing Process

Here are some photographs of PSS-Silver Cable production, more to follow…

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Pure silver in continious casting
Rolling of the blank
Prearation for drawing
Drawing the silver cable

Liquid cooling of the silver drawing wire for the preservation of the crystal structure while drawing
Repeated defined heating and cooling of the silver wire causes the silver crystals to “grow”
Polishing the surface of the silver wire
Finished PSS-Silver conductor

Here are some photos of of new PMCS-Cable Series...

As you see, it is very 'hand made' in which the molten silver
is repeatedly burned to eliminate as much oxygen as feasible.

Silberkabel Herstellung
Melting the silver in an induction oven
Silberkabel Herstellung
Hand pouring of the molten silver for casting
Silber-Kabel Herstellung
The silver bar ready for working
Silber-Kabel Herstellung
Milling the re-bar outer to increase purity


Silver Cables

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