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State of the Art Silver Cables


"The root of all sciences is the realization that all things are as they are." 


Not given much thought, one would think it should be an easy task
to transfer an electric audio signal from one point to another.

In reality each step in the playback sequence of music reproduction
equipment is faced with the difficult and complex role of transferring
and transforming the full-range signal without altering its information.

The goal is the least possible alteration of the audio signal...

It is commonplace to describe an audio component as were it
capable of improving the overall sonic quality of a music system.

This is not a realistic way to understand what happens.

Actually, we think it makes more sense to believe that there are
not really any ‘good’ components but rather, that there are
only ‘less poor’ ones.

The best components in an audio system are those
which induce the least change to the audio signal.

Cables should be judged by their neutrality and not sonic
manipulation. We follow this philosophy here and in the
development of GERMAN HIGHEND silver cables.

We take pride in the results of our years of R&D !

We offer highest quality silver cables with lowest-possible signal
distortion that heretofore was only available at significantly
higher prices.

If you have a quality audio system, be amazed at the manifold
significant playback capabilities available there yet never
before heard.

  Do not be dazzled...



       We offer a 60-day right to exchange with money-back-guaranty.




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