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Interconnect Silver Cables

GERMAN HIGHEND interconnect silver cable impress
the listener with their extreme clarity, ultra-high resolution, even tonal balance, homogenous top-to-bottom presentation, realistic sound stage and dynamics. Irregardless of high or low volume setting (amplitude), tone, sound stage and timing remain stable.

The sonic thumb print of both our cables are quite similar. The LGS-model just exposes more detail,
dynamics and holographic quality.


The MSC-version which is now available exceeded even our own lofty expectations
and further emphasis seems inappropriate.
Connectors of this caliber are only justifiable in absolutely perfect audio systems.


That properly designed and confectioned cables of this calibre rendition with absolute neutrality needs no further mention... 


    Cable Physics:

  • Polished-surface solid-core conductors are made of polycrystalline, respectively long-crystalline 4-5N-pure silver with defined parallel distance between them and of different gauges for optimising real-time signal transfer. 
  • Strategically defined insulated OFC (oxygen free copper) wire shied for releasing static electricity build-up in the dielectric.
  • High quality hard polyethylenterephthalat (PET) dielectric with excellent dielectric and mechanical properties. 
  • The design inherently minimises mechanical modulations (acoustic dampening).
  • Cables are confected using the finest special silver-impregnated soldier.  
Silver cables, Bullet Plugs


We auditioned different makes of plugs.
The RCA- Eichmann Bullet Plugs are not the most ‘pretty,’ but sound the best in our opinion. We recommend the symmetrical XLR plugs from Neutrik, HQ (high quality) version. Compared to higher priced XLR plugs we could not determine any relevant benefits. Unfortunately, it appears that there are no XLR plugs with pure silver contacts as all we located have only silver plated contacts (we are addressing this problem…).

Of course we offer any plugs desired on special-order.

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High End Kabel

Models and Prices for Interconnect Silver Cables

German Highend PSS-Series (pure polycrystalline 4-5N Silver)

  • 0,50 mtr. Stereo made with Eichmann Bullet Plugs                 235.-€
  • 0,75 mtr. Stereo made with Eichmann Bullet Plugs                 265.-€
  • 1 mtr.      Stereo made with Eichmann Bullet Plugs                 295.-€
  • 1 mtr. Stereo made with Neutrik HQ-XLR silver-plated            340.-€
  • 1 mtr. Stereo made with Amphenol  XLR  silver-plated            320.-€ 
  • additional cost per 0,50 meter Stereo length                           90.-€
  • 1 Pair Jumpers made with Neutrik RCA                                   175-€
  • DIY cable from the roll costs for each Mono-meter                   90.-€

German Highend LGS-Series (extremly longgrain 4-5N Silver)

  • 0,50 mtr. Stereo made with Eichmann Silver Bullets               420.-€
  • 0,75 mtr. Stereo made with Eichmann Silver Bullets               450.-€
  • 1 mtr. Stereo made with Eichmann Silver Bullets                    495.-€
  • 1 mtr. Stereo made with Neutrik HQ-XLR silver-plated            495.-€
  • 1 mtr. Stereo made with Amphenol  XLR silver-plated             475.-€ 
  • additional cost per 0,50 meter Stereo length                          165.-€
  • 1 Pair Jumpers made with Eichmann Silber Bullets                  288.-€
  • DIY cable from the roll costs for each Mono-meter                  165.-€

German Highend MCS-Series (hand made silver wire with amazing properties) 

  • Price and Delivery upon request

Of course we offer special-order confections such as ‘Y-cable’ or as required. Pricing upon application.

The interconnect silver cable is also available with HF (high frequency) shielding (woven silver plated wire mesh wrapped). We think this can be useful on very long runs or in phonograph applications however, every shielding induces capacitance which in turn harms the sonic performance. Price for HF shielding is an additional   € 17.00/mono-meter.


All prices are suggested retail and include the German 19% V.A.T.

Cinch HighEnd Kabel

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