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Speaker Silver Cables



GERMAN HIGHEND silver cables play neutral, holographic,
distortion free and with breathtaking clarity.

The sonic attributes are similar in all, the longer crystal LGS-version, e.g.,
trumps with more precision, dynamics and holography.
The MSC-version which is now available exceeded even our own lofty expectations
and further emphasis seems inappropriate.
Connectors of this caliber are only justifiable in absolutely perfect audio systems.


Many say that silver cables sound overly bright and excessively harsh
in the higher frequencies, is one of the widespread falsities in audio.
It is simply not true.
Silver- plated copper wire or scientifically poorly executed cable constructions can.

The sonic thumb print of GERMAN HIGHEND silver cable is just the opposite despite
extreme clarity and precision and they play pleasantly with rich harmonics and tone.
Independent of the volume level,
tonal balance and breathtaking holography remain intact.


    Cable Physics:

  • The conductors are parallel, polished 0.75mm respectively 1mm solid-core polycrystalline, that is, long-crystalline 4- 5N-pure silver. This material construction provides the lowest-possible distortion and phase shifts yet allowing for very high signal conductance.
  • Due to the defined distance between the parallel conductors, cross talk and induction-induced problems are minimised.
  • As dielectric we chose high quality Polyethylenterephthalat (PET) for its excellent dielectric and mechanical properties. The largest portion of the conductor (about 80% to 85%), is surrounded by air, in itself the best dielectric.
  • Due to the structural mechanical design there is low dielectric absorption so signal modulation is effectively kept to a minimum.
  • Cable confection incorporates special silver-enhanced high quality soldier.

For speaker and amplifier termination we recommend the low-mass hard-gold-plated copper-beryllium 4mm Hollow Z banana plugs, or special order, the state-of-the-art pure hardened silver equivalent.
As expected, due to their reduction of eddy current we found in our listening tests that these plugs ‘sound’ best alternative compared to direct soldiering.
Note: You may also order copper or pure silver spades if desired.

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Prices and Configurations for Speaker Cables :

 German Highend PSS-Series (pure polycrystalline 4-5N Silver)

  • PSS-2-S                   (2x0,75mm)             95.-€/ Mono meter, plus labour
  • PSS-2-L                   (2x1,00mm)              110.-€/ Mono meter, plus labour
  • PSS-2-XL                 (4x1,00mm)             165.-€/ Mono meter, plus labour
  • PSS-2-XL Bi-Wiring    (4x1,00mm)            165.-€/ Mono meter, plus labour
  • PSS-BI    Bi-Wiring    (2x0,75+2x1mm)     150.-€/ Mono meter, plus labour
  • PSS-BIXL Bi-Wiring   (2x0,75+2x2x1mm)  150.-€/ Mono meter, plus labour
  • PSS-Tri   Tri-Wiring   (2x0,75+4x1mm)      245.-€/ Mono meter, plus labour
  • PSS-TriXLTri-Wiring   (2x0,75+2x1+4x1)    370.-€/ Mono meter, plus labour

  German Highend LGS-Series (extremly longgrain 4-5N Silver)

  • LGS-2-S                  (2x0,75mm)            190.-€/ Mono meter, plus labour
  • LGS-2-L                  (2x1,00mm)             200.-€/ Mono meter, plus labour
  • LGS-2-XL                (4x1,00mm)             315.-€/ Mono meter, plus labour
  • LGS-2-XL Bi-Wiring  (4x1,00mm)             315.-€/ Mono meter, plus labour
  • LGS-BI    Bi-Wiring   (2x0,75+2x1mm)     295.-€/ Mono meter, plus labour
  • LGS-BI-XL Bi-Wiring  (2x0,75+2x2x1mm) 510.-€/ Mono meter, plus labour 
  • LGS-Tri   Tri-Wiring   (2x0,75+4x1mm)     510.-€/ Mono meter, plus labour
  • LGS-Tri-XLTri-Wiring  (2x0,75+2x1+4x1)  750.-€/ Mono meter, plus labour     

German Highend MCS-Series (hand made silver wire with amazing properties) 

  • Price and Delivery upon request

Custom orders possible, pricing upon request.

  Termination including labor, hardware and dressing - stereo 

  • Stereo-Cables                 copper-beryllium hollow Z bananas   245.-€
  • Stereo-Cables                 hardened silver hollow Z bananas     385.-€
  • Stereo-Cables                 gold-plated copper-spades               275.-€
  • Stereo-Cables                 hardened pure-silver-spades            385.-€ 
  • Stereo-Cables                 simply tin-silver soldered                 225.-€
  • Stereo-Bi-Wiring-Cables   copper-beryllium-hollow Z bananas   270.-€
  • Stereo-Bi-Wiring-Cables   hardened silver hollow Z bananas     485.-€
  • Stereo-Bi-Wiring-Cables   gold-plated copper-spades               335.-€
  • Stereo-Bi-Wiring-Cables   hardened pure-silver-spades            485.-€
  • Stereo-Bi-Wiring-Cables   simply tin-silver soldered                 245.-€
  • Tri-Wiring, bridges, custom orders, pricing upon request


All prices are recommended retail prices incl. German tax (19%)

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