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Silver Connectors

Connectors are subject to the same sonic rule-of-thumb characteristics as cables are...

German Highend Connectors are made of long crystal pure silver stock without any additional plating or surface treatment as this 'cosmetic' step inherently degrades the sound!

Silver 4mm Hollow Z Banana Plug

The German Highend Hollow Z Banana Plug offers a low mass, low eddy current connection which, compared with typical mass market signal-restricting (yes, they are!) plugs, offer audibly lower distortion and more precise staging qualities and these benefits are easily heard when comparing ours to other types.


Silver Cable Spades

Of course we also offer pure silver cable spade connectors. As with our GH Banana Plugs, we have made no effort to make them pretty but made them with the optimum of easiest signal transfer with purest metal, lowest feasible mass and reduction in eddy current as design permits.

  • Silver Spades

Price per piece incl. Silver soldier and heat-shrink tubing € 20.-

(Price suggested retail incl. 19% German V.A.T.)

  • Silver Cables

We thank MeWeTec company in Hanover for their kind support.





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